Nullagine Primary School will be closed for Christmas from 16th December 2023 until 29th January 2024,
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


High School

Mr Whaan and the high school students say “Palya!” to all parents, family, caregivers and friends.  Our class strives to learn and develop knowledge throughout all curriculum areas.

Students are developing:

  • Reading and writing skills.
  • Talk4Writing skills to improve writing abilities.
  • Mathematics skills to assist with everyday life.
  • Science enquiry skills through local and class activities.
  • HASS knowledge and understanding.
  • Personal, Social and Community Health.
  • Practical and movement skills in Physical Education.
  • Individual Art skills and t-shirt printing knowledge and application.
  • Music and Drama appreciation.
  • Design and Technology knowledge, understanding and application to solve problems.