Junior Primary

Welcome to the Junior Class where students play, learn and grow together.  My name is Miss Leisa and I am the classroom teacher.  Mrs Asplin and AIEO Lucelle teach alongside me. 

The Junior Class is a vibrant Kindergarten to Year 4 classroom. We teach literacy following the ‘Let’s Decode’ and ‘Direct Instruction’ programs.  We address phonemic awareness such as syllables and rhyming words, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and oral language skills. Our writing is taught through the ‘Talk for Writing’ program. Children participate daily in fine motor and gross motor development activities inside and outside the classroom. In Numeracy, we are learning key Mathematical skills and concepts taught through daily reviews and YuMi Deadly Maths.  Additionally, students learn Art, Music, HASS, LOTE, Science and Physical Education.

Other skills we are learning are:

  • Social skills (turn taking, sharing, speaking, listening)
  • Wellbeing (rest, exercise and health and nutrition)
  • Self-help skills (washing hands, personal hygiene, caring for belongings)
  • Regulating behaviours and emotions
  • Independence
  • Curiosity and a sense of wonder

In the Junior Class, we strongly follow the Nullagine Primary School behaviour expectations that we work together as a community to reach each student’s full potential and well-being.  We are looking forward to a wonderful year of learning.