Nullagine Primary School will be closed for Christmas from 16th December 2023 until 29th January 2024,
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



The Education Act states that the school community can now determine school policy which defines a compulsory school uniform. The wearing of a school uniform has many advantages, including:

  • it helps to alleviate peer pressure about what is worn
  • it is less expensive
  • it reduces faction competitiveness
  • it enhances the public’s image of our children & State Schools
  • it has a positive impact on a student’s self esteem
  • it enhances a student’s sense of belonging and pride in the school community
  • it is an useful means of identifying whether an individual on school grounds has a right to be there

Department of Education policy states that students do NOT wear denim and thongs are not permitted. Nullagine Primary School has a Student Presentation Code as endorsed by our school council. A PDF copy of our policy can be found below.

Nullagine Primary School uniform

Uniforms can be ordered through the school office. The uniform order form can be found in the PDF below.

Please ensure that all clothing is clearly marked

Summer Uniform

Royal Blue shorts or skorts

Red & Blue polo style shirt with Nullagine crest

Suitable footwear

Winter Uniform

Royal Blue windcheater/jacket with Nullagine crest

Royal blue track pants

Red & Blue polo style shirt with Nullagine Crest

Suitable footwear

Sports Uniform

Faction T-Shirt or polo in either red or royal blue

Royal Blue shorts or skorts

Suitable footwear

 It is compulsory for all students to wear their school uniform at all school functions and excursions.